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Indiana Builders PAC

Indiana Builders PAC, Indiana Builders Association’s political action committee, is an essential part of IBA’s advocacy. Created in 1982, Indiana Builders PAC maximizes political contributions from association members by supporting pro-housing candidates and incumbents for both statewide office and the Indiana General Assembly. Contributions to Indiana Builders PAC help to preserve a favorable political climate that fosters growth for the residential construction industry. All contributions to Indiana Builders PAC are voluntary and are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Paid for by the Indiana Builders PAC.
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Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards (3rd Edition)

The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards (QABS) create a series of performance guidelines that builders and their customers can use to communicate and understand each other's expectations for building and remodeling projects. The program is available to all builder and remodeler members of the Indiana Builders Association, and members can order QABS manuals in hard copy or digital format. Local HBAs may order manuals in hard copy format. New homebuyers and remodeling homeowners should contact their builder or remodeler for a copy of the Standards. Please contact Raelle Hurtekant at if you have questions.
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