2021 Government Affairs Committee

Recommends policy to the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee and provides general direction to the staff and Association members on the actions of state and local governing bodies that have an effect on home building or residential construction or the construction industry. Monitors a broad range of issues that affect home builders, remodelers, developers, and home building industry service providers. Supports proposed state legislation, rules and regulations to increase the private production and ownership of residential communities.
Christian Rector
Donald Thieneman
Vice Chairman
Ryan Baker
Kate Collins
Dale DeVon
Tim Eckert
Mary Ellis
Christian Evans
Brett Harter
Jamie Lancia
Brian McMorrow
Travis McVicker
Greg Milakis
James Morlan
Bill Pedtke
Frank Rhoades
Bob Sandberg
Barney Scheumann
Steve Schreckengast
Tom Slater
Wendy Starr
Lance Swank
Shane Weist
Sheri Zimmer
David Kovich
Ric Zehr
Kenny Reinbrecht
Paul Munoz
John Linn