2021 Codes & Safety Committee

Discusses building codes, standards and regulations. Recommends policy to the Board relative to the adoption and implementation of statewide building codes. Consults with INSafe to offer safety training.
Lynn Madden
Peter Logan
Vice Chairman
Calvin Bolt
Dan Browne
Mary Ellis
Greg Furnish
Gregory Gerbers
Phil Gettum
Brett Harter
Luke Hoffman, CGB
David Howald
Lawrence Johnson
Bill Kaufholz
Edward Kelly
Hank Kidwell
Andy King
Nathan Kleist
James Klotz
Jamie Lancia
Travis McVicker
Bill Pedtke
Matthew Podlesak
Frank Rhoades
Bob Sandberg
Tom Schroering
Tom Slater
Alan Sommers
Dennis Voegerl
Jeff Wilson
Kenny Reinbrecht
Lisa Biernacki