Provides members with a networking tool to support, strengthen, and advance our association and the home building industry. Committee members will work together with staff to create and implement programs of interest to the membership and make recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Discusses building codes, standards and regulations. Recommends policy to the Board relative to the adoption and implementation of statewide building codes. Consults with INSafe to offer safety training.
Conducts the affairs of the Association in accordance with the By-Laws, policies, and instructions of the Board. Policy and steering committee of the Association.
Studies the finances of the Association, and makes recommendations of financial policy to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. This committee also prepares the annual budget.
Protects the industry and the affordability of housing. Carefully crafts strategy for legal defense,
Comprised of remodelers, is unified representation to serve the professional remodeler while providing information and education.
IBA Members who adhere to and have agreed to the Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards. (Sorted Alphabetically by Company Name)
Land developers compare successful strategies from their projects. Competitive guards are relaxed as colleagues network with each other in this intensely regulated business.
EOs serve as chief administrative officer, recommend and participate in formulation of new policies and makes decisions within the bounds of existing policies. Plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the staff, programs and activities to ensure the association's goals are met.