Nominating Committee

Consists of the President as Chairman and all other past presidents who are dues paying members. Determines all election rules and procedures in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order. Interviews and screens candidates for elective office in the State Association and present at the Board of Directors Meeting a proposed state of recommendations.
Michael Bell
Bell Construction Inc
David Compton
R N Thompson & Assoc
Bob Coolman
Coolman Communities Inc
Larry Coplen
Coplen Construction
Herb Delagrange
Delagrange Homes LLC
Gregory Furnish
Upright Builders
Mike Hannigan
The Hannigan Company LLC
Steven Heidorn
Heidorn Construction Inc.
Richard Jenkins
Jenkins Builder/Developer
David Kovich
Komark Ltd
Doug Miller
Tailor Made Homes
Jud Motsenbocker
Jud Construction LLC
Charles Pechette
Merit Homes Inc
Andrew Place
Place Builders Inc.
James Pressel
Pressel Enterprises Inc
Pat Richard
Spire Group
Stephen Robinson
RE Construction
Linda Rogers
Nugent Builders Inc.
Dennis Spidel
Dennis Spidel Custom Homes
Larry Swank
The Sterling Group
Lance Swank
Sterling Constr Corp of IND
Mike Ullery
Craftsman Homes & Remodeling LLC
Will Wright
Will Wright Bldg Co
Joe Zehr
North Eastern Group